Geophysics / GPR data processing software with 3D module, Time Slice, export to .dxf and .kmz.

GPR Logger + Mapper 3D

GPR data processing software with 3D module, Time Slice, export to .dxf and .kmz.

“The 3D Mapper software is designed to handle ground-penetrating radar surveys and map GPR data to detect subsurface objects directly on a floor, map, or blueprint.

The 3D Mapper program is included in the SUBvysor GPR software package and is provided along with GPR Logger software for the acquisition and processing of GPR data.”

Download and install the GPR Logger and Mapper 3D software directly from the DOWNLOAD section below.


1. Download and install the GPR Logger and Mapper 3D software.
2. Start the Mapper 3D software and from the Help menu, click on Registration.
3. Send the “Key out” file found in the SUBvysor GPR folder along with the Company Name or name to associate with the license to
4. Subsequently, you will receive the “Key in” file to insert into the same system folder.

Main features of Mapper 3D:
• Practical visualization and identification of GPR profiles. Marking on the GPR profile and on the display map;
• Arbitrary orientation and position of the baseline;
• Unlimited number of GPR profiles on the site and unlimited number of sites in the project;
• Ability to perform GPR scans directly on a map or blueprint;
• Convenient marker editing;
• Preparation of the investigation report in 3D mode with a few simple steps;
• Automated integration with the GPR Logger program during the data acquisition and processing phase;
• Export of the project to AutoCad;
• 3D interpolation via GPS;
• 3D interpolation can be created from any section of the profile on any plane of the project (X, Y, Z);
• Generation of Time Slice in .jpg format;
• Reports can be created based on the project plane or the 3D view.

For interpretation, the ability to mark objects with a polyline has been added. And now there are three types of markers:
– surface markers
– depth markers
– polylines

You can work with all types of markers in both software.
All types of markers are also displayed in the 3D view.

Main features of GPR Logger:
• Ability to calibrate the 3 main filters (Wavelet, Background removal, Gain) to use them in real time but without losing the “raw” data
• Velocity analysis with both the “Hyperbola” tool and the “Depth Indicator”
• Translated into 10 languages

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