Geophysics / GRT-81


Compact device for three-dimensional GPR surveying with a resolution of 3.5 x 3.5 cm in plan and up to 2 m in depth, based on a generator with a high dynamic range and digital antenna array.
Combined type antenna array includes 16 elements – 8 receiving and 8 transmitting antennas.


  • Detection of hidden objects behind obstacles.
  • Determination of the object shape and the depth.
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualisation of hidden objects.
  • High dynamic range antennas array.
  • Easy to use for controlling and data interpretation.
  • Full covering of scanning width with 3.5cm resolution (no “dead zones” at all).

The device is designed for detection and spatial localization of latent objects and heterogeneities in various media (soil/ground, pavement, engineering structures, etc.) Objects and heterogeneities having electric permittivity different from the background electric permittivity of the environment can be found. The software allows obtaining 3D data of the investigated environment. It is possible to display layer-by-layer 3D images as a set of pictures obtained along the selected direction for different sections of the volume being explored; 3D visualization of heterogeneities is also available. Based on the obtained image, operator identifies presence and location of buried objects and heterogeneities within continuous media.

Main fields of system application:

=> Building and construction

  • Search and localization of various defects in wood and timber, brick, reinforced concrete building structures;
  • Detection of reinforcement, concealed wiring, utilities supply lines;
  • More precise characterization of geotechnical and groundwater conditions on construction sites.

=> Roads, railways, aerodromes

  • Determination of thickness and structure of pavement layers, railway embankment, flight strip/runway elements, aerodrome taxi tracks;
  • Determination of structure for natural foundation’s top and ballast;
  • Mapping of underground objects;
  • Conformity control of designed/built structure of pavement layers, railway embankment, flight

=> Strip/runway;

  • Identification of ground humidity;
  • Examination of reinforcement details of concrete pavement slabs;
  • Studies of geotechnical settings of the areas subject to strains;
  • Studies of geotechnical settings of the areas adjacent to aerodromes.

=> Housing and communal services

  • Determination of underground objects, cables, sewer and drain networks position, etc.

=> Archeology;

  • Search for archaeological objects (burial places, basements and walls of ruined buildings);
  • Determination of cultural layer thickness.

=> Security

  • Search for criminal burials, fire-arm caches, explosives, people caught in avalanche.

Technical specifications:

  • Frequency range 2-8 GHz
  • Radiating power at transceiver output, at least up to 50 mW
  • Number of antennas in transceiver modules 16
  • Antenna type synthetic aperture array from combined antenna elements
  • Width of scanning: 525 mm
  • Maximum sounding depth up to 1.5 m
  • Continuous sounding on the go 10+ cm/sec
  • Scanning resolution along antenna strip >3.5 cm
  • Sizes of antenna strip modules 75x35x25 cm
  • Weight from 7 kg
  • Power feeding voltage 12 V
  • Power consumption up to 20 W
  • Protection rating IP54
  • Mean time between required services at least 5000 hours
  • Ambient temperature (operation) -15 to 40 °С;
  • Relative humidity (operation) up to 80%

Set for delivery:

  • The control computer with the software installed;
  • GRT-81 – 2-8GHz GPR (15 channels)
  • Cables;
  • USB flash drive with software and user manual;
  • GeoReader – professional software package for processing GRT data (USB dongle license or network license)
  • Safe plastic case for the device transportation;
  • Navigation unit (encoder and/or RTK GPS and/or optical positioner) – optional;
  • NOVARover for autonomous operation of the device – optional.

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