Geophysics / Frequency domain electromagnetic induction Profiler


AEMP 14 – Sistema di induzione elettromagnetica a tre bobine e 14 frequenze (intervallo – da 2,5 a 250 kHz) per la profilatura del sottosuolo.


  • Advanced cone connection, providing an accurate and reliable landing of the antenna unit;
  • Optimized calibration, providing profiling at 14 frequencies;
  • Simplified control software — visualizations of maps, as well as profile curves;
  • Compatible with any Android device

Main purposes:
=> Agronomy

  • Evaluation of the mineral fertilizers concentration
  • Soil fertility assessment
  • Seasonal monitoring of changes in soil conditions
  • Investigation of soil condition, determination of fracture zones, watering

=> Utilities

  • Monitoring of underground communications
  • Search and localization of underground pipeline leakage
  • Underground utilities mapping

=> Civil Engineering

  • Near surface geological surveys
  • Hydrological surveys
  • Environmental survey

=> Archeology

  • Localization of archaeological sites
  • Monitoring the condition of buried architectural monuments
  • Detailed study of archaeological objects

=> Ecology

=> Agroecology

  • Analysis of the influence of man-made factors
  • Environmental supervision
  • Monitoring of potentially hazardous objects
  • Environmental risk management
  • Environmental assessment of soil contamination by fuels and lubricants
  • Detection and localization of industrial waste dumps of any chemical composition

=> Security

  • Search for criminal caches, tunnels
  • Detection of tie-ins into pipelines
  • Search for the source of leakage and estimate the amount of leakage from petroleum products pipelines

Technical specifications:

  • Frequency range: 2.5-250 kHz;
  • Transmitter power (impulse): 90 W;
  • Receiver sensitivity: 1 mV;
  • Scan time for a single point at 14 freqs: 2 sec (or any set from 1-14 deferent frequencies);
  • Noise level: 50 nV;
  • Dimensions: 275х30х10 cm;
  • Battery operation time: 12 hours;
  • Weight: 9 kg.

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