Galicia, Spain – Demo day of a HydroBoat 1500 with multibeam payload

    • 24 May 2024
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The second week of May Novatest was in Galicia, Spain, to attend a “demo day” of a HydroBoat 1500 with multibeam payload, at Spanish Hi-Target distributor Fortop.

The ideal tool for accurate and detailed data collection on underwater terrain

The HydroBoat 1500 is a highly versatile surface vehicle used for bathymetric surveys and monitoring in lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Thanks to complex sensor technology, it can send and receive valuable signals to determine seabed topography.

Its IP67 rugged hull and four thrusters on its sides enable it to easily follow predefined navigation paths, even in very complex aquatic environments.

Its structure also ensures reliable and stable operation of unmanned missions in diverse environments, ranging from surveys of natural river bottoms, inspections of slope excavations, to dam deformation monitoring and channel navigation surveys.

The integrated 360-degree omnidirectional camera and millimeter-wave radar, anti-sinking double-hull design, intelligent anti-collision and surface stationing functions make the HydroBoat 1500 a safe and reliable survey system.

The high-precision directional and positioning GNSS receiver combined with the IMU inertial system also ensure sub-metric positioning accuracy when the satellite signal is temporarily blocked.

HydroBeam M4 – Handheld Multibeam Sounder
For precise, high-resolution data collection

The HydroBeam M4 is an ingenious and compact portable multibeam bathymetric system with exceptional accuracy.

Its compact design, combined with its smart features and circular transducer, makes it easily deployable on a wide range of platforms, including USVs, AUVs, and ROVs. This great versatility allows users to quickly conduct accurate measurements at any place and time, freeing them from the constraints of traditional multibeam systems.

Real-time roll stabilization also maximizes multibeam scanning and improves work efficiency.

In summary, the combination of the HydroBoat 1500 and the HydroBeam multibeam portable echosounder system is the perfect solution for anyone who needs accurate underwater topographic information.

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