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Febus Fiber-Optic: Focus on Applications and Benefits

Febus Fiber-Ottic is a cutting-edge technology that uses fiber optics for monitoring infrastructures, systems, and underground installations.
The applications of this new generation of sensors, which enable the monitoring of temperature, stress, and vibrations, include:

  • Structural Monitoring
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Cable and Facility Integrity Monitoring
  • Security and Intrusion Detection

In this article, we will delve into the applications and key advantages of the system.

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Febus Fiber-Ottic: Structural Monitoring

Managing the aging of large-scale structures such as nuclear power plants, tunnels, or dams is a crucial issue for infrastructure owners. With minimal investments in distributed sensing monitoring, the lifespan can be significantly extended, safety improved, and maintenance costs reduced.

FEBUS G1-R, G1-C, G1-D, along with DSTS (Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing) systems, offer a wide range of monitoring possibilities with features including:

  • High sensitivity
  • Low power consumption
  • Dynamic detection

Real-time monitoring can also be a vital resource, especially for transportation structures like railways or viaducts.

For such applications, FEBUS A1 (Distributed Acoustic Sensing system) can be a valuable monitoring resource for vehicle localization, axle failure detection, or mode frequency determination.

The main advantages of using this system are:

  • Unique set of internal technologies for most applications
  • Fastest strain measurement on the market (G1-D)
  • Standalone and compact version of DSTS for service (G1-C)

Febus Fiber-Ottic: Pipeline Monitoring

The FEBUS A1 (DAS) and FEBUS G1-R (DTS and DSS*) products provide an integrated solution for pipeline integrity monitoring (PIMS) by combining deformation, acoustic, and temperature measurements into a single fiber optic cable.

FEBUS OPTICS PIMS (Pipeline Integrity Monitoring Solution) ensures real-time, permanent, and simultaneous detection every meter along several tens of kilometers for the following events:

  • Gas and oil leak detection
  • Detection of geohazards such as landslides, subsidence, and earthquakes
  • Interferences from third parties, including manual excavation, hot tapping, third-party digging, heavy machinery movement, waste position and tracking, as well as agricultural activities

The main advantages of using this system are:

  • Unique combination of DAS, DTS, and DSS data
  • Long-range monitoring (over 50 km)
  • Interoperability with SCADA or equivalent using MODBUS over TCP/IP

Febus Fiber-Ottic: Cable Integrity Monitoring

Gli Electrical cable accidents account for 80% of insurance claims, with approximately 60% directly related to cable damage during the construction of offshore wind farms. Therefore, cable monitoring is becoming essential.

FEBUS G1-R, G1-C, G2 (DSTS) e A1 (DAS) offrono non solo il monitoraggio della temperatura su lunghe dFEBUS G1-R, G1-C, G2 (DSTS), and A1 (DAS) not only offer long-distance temperature monitoring, Real-Time Thermal Rating (RTTR), impact and vibration monitoring, but also unique real-time integrity monitoring during every stage of the cable’s lifecycle: transportation, transpooling, distribution, and operation.

It is possible to monitor cable bending radius, tension, and strain during installation, as well as dynamic cable fatigue.

The main advantages of using this system are:

  • Ease and robustness of single-ended DSTS with very high performance (G1-R)
  • Nanostrain fatigue cycles (A1-R)
  • Very long distance: > 100 km Partial discharge detection (A1-R)
  • Unique real-time integrity monitoring during the installation phase (G1-C)

Febus-Fiber Ottic: Security and Intrusion Detection

Fiber optic cables can be used to ensure perimeter security for highly sensitive areas such as oil plants, storage facilities, power plants, and military restricted areas. The optical PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) capabilities of Febus with FO-Guard include real-time intrusion detection (excavation, fence scaling, fence cutting) up to 50 km with a positioning accuracy of up to 1 meter. Additionally, the system is interoperable with the Global Automation System (with CCTV/PTZ cameras) and ensures environmental condition filtering.

FOGuard also performs event classification using ensemble learning-based algorithms. By utilizing multiple parameters extracted from DAS signals, detected events can be classified with a confidence rate exceeding 90%. FOGuard sends alarms to third-party PLCs via MODBUS over TCP/IP protocol or basic relay modules. The alarm issuance process can be customized according to specific user requirements.

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