Digital Radiographic Inspections on the Magliana Bridge

    • 26 Jul 2022
      • News,

Novatest participated in a surveying day organized by ANAS (Italian National Roads and Motorways Company) on the Magliana Bridge in Rome, also known as the Morandi Viaduct, designed by Riccardo Morandi to connect the Portuense and Ostiense districts.

The surveying day was attended by professors from La Sapienza University of Rome, Roma Tre University, and Politecnico di Milano.

After the tomographic and ground-penetrating radar surveys conducted by Socotek, Novatest’s technical team intervened to examine the bridge’s beams, the filling of the sheath, and the state of preservation of the steel strands using the digital radiography method.

The technology used was NOVO-DR by Novatest, a portable digital radiography system with a high-resolution “Genius” imaging system combined with a traditional radiographic source since the thicknesses under examination did not exceed 25 cm.

The X-ray inspection allowed for accurate detection and a deeper analysis of the results obtained from the tomographic surveys and ground-penetrating radar investigations.

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