Training course THERMOGRAPHY

“Thermography” – cod. TH

According to UNI/PdR 56:2019 “Certification of personnel in charge of non-destructive tests in the civil engineering field”, UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 and RINA RC / C14 Regulation for the certification of personnel in charge of non-destructive tests in the industrial field.


The course includes the study of the methodology, the analysis of case studies, practical exercises with subsequent processing of data for preparation for the 2nd level RINA exam.


• Heat and Temperature
• Heat transfer mode
• Conduction, Convection and Irradiation
• Reflection phenomena, influences on measures and corrections
• Body emissivity and measurement method
• Image optimization

• Thermal aspects related to the presence of moisture
• Localization of water leaks
• Identification of thermal bridges
• Verification of energy losses from buildings
• Verification of thermal insulation of buildings
• Verification of warping slabs and wall types
• Structural investigations for analysis of plaster detachments, cracks, etc.)
• Other applications

• Operating principle of thermal imaging cameras and correct measurement settings
• Parameters of a thermogram
• Environmental parameters
• Geometric resolution
• IFOV and FOV (spatial resolution)
• NETD (Thermal Resolution)
• Resolution with respect to objectives and distances
• Calibration

• Definition of thermography
• Thermal imaging cameras and their operation
• Tools for contact measurement

• Thermal anomalies and reading of the thermograms
• Use of thermographs in the evaluation of heating systems and photovoltaic systems
• “Building” applications (building faults, energy dispersions, structural investigations)

• UNI 10824: terms and definitions
• UNI EN 473 / ISO 9712: qualification and certification of the personnel involved in Non-Destructive Testing
• UNI 9252 / UNI EN 13187: thermal insulation of the external building envelope
• ASTM C1153, ASTM C1060, ASTM E1934


For further details on program, costs and subscription please send an email to the RINA Examination Center Coordinator, Elena Solazzi @

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