Training course PULL-OUT


According to the RINA RC / C18 Regulation for the certification of personnel in charge of non-destructive, semi-destructive tests on concrete structures, reinforced and prestressed concrete, masonry.


The course includes the study of the methodology, the analysis of case studies, practical exercises with subsequent processing of data for preparation for the 2nd level RINA exam.


It is the direct method of semi-destructive extraction test, aimed to evaluate the resistance to the concrete pressure.The pull put test is performed by inserting a specific element in the concrete.
The extraction is performed by inserting in the concrete a specific plug, which is afterwards extracted using an appropriate jack. This jack exerts a force handling in the ring designed for the plug’s depth. Reading the extraction pression it is possible to trace back to the resistance value through a transfer curve appearing in a diagram.
It’s important to know that during the bolt extraction the concrete will break and forms a cone of material which remains cohesive with the anchor.

Main applications: Determining the concrete compression strength.
Main advantages:Semi-destructive technique; Immediate evaluation of the test values and execution rapidity.


For further details on program, costs and subscription please send an email to the RINA Examination Center Coordinator, Elena Solazzi @

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