A1221 ANCHOR is an ultrasonic instrument for in-situ evaluation of embedded metallic elements by means of low-frequency ultrasonic waves.


The main application field of A1221 ANCHOR is the non-destructive testing of anchor bolts and similar structural elements.

Following evaluations can be performed by placing ultrasonic transducer on the free outer end of the bolt:

  • Detection of anchor breaks
  • Residual length/fraction assessment
  • Adhesion quality assessment



  • Assessable bolt/rebar diameter: 20-40 millimeters
  • Not grouted assessment length: up to 8 meters
  • Minimal assessment length: 0.3 meter
  • Assessable grouting depth in concrete: up to 1 meter
  • Assessable grouting depth in rock: up to 4 meters


  • Operating frequency range, kHz: 25-250
  • Maximal data acquisition length, μs: 4000
  • Assessment length,m: 0.5-3
  • Assessment length of embedded rods, m: up to 1
  • Assessable rod diameter range, mm: 20-40
  • Material velocity range, m/s: 500-15000
  • Transmitter output voltage, V: ±20, ±100, ±200
  • Transmitter pulse form: Bipolar meander, 0.5÷5.0 periods
  • Pulse repetition rate, Hz: 1-45
  • Gain setup range, dB: 0-100, step 1
  • Number of the programmable points of DAC function: 24
  • Dynamic range of DAC function, dB: 30
  • Power supply: Built-in battery
  • Operation time, h: 14
  • Battery charging time, h: 3
  • Display type: TFT (640 х 480)
  • Electronic unit dimensions, mm: 260×156×43
  • Electronic unit weight, kg: 0.8


  • Operating temperature range, ºC: from -20 to +45
  • Relative air humidity at +35°С, %, max: 95


  • No.1 A1221 Anchor electronic unit
  • No.1 Power adapter AC 80-264 / VDC 15V
  • No.1 USB 2.0 Cable USB-A to USB Micro-B
  • No.1 Lem00 to Lemo0 cable, 2.25m
  • No.1 Carrying map case
  • No.1 Soft Cover
  • No.1 Instrument support
  • No.1 Hard shell case
  • No.1 Low frequency piezoelectric transducer S0205, 25 Khz
  • No.1 Low frequency piezoelectric transducer S0206, 50 KHz (optional)
  • No.1 Low frequency piezoelectric transducer S0208, 100 KHz (optional)
  • No.1 Rexilite test block
  • No.1 Ultrasonic coupling 80 ml

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