Civil Engineering / A1040 MIRA

A1040 MIRA

A portable handheld ultrasonic tomograph

Applicable for concrete inspection allowing imaging of the internal structure of objects from concrete, reinforced concrete, different stones. The operation applies pulse-echo technique at one-side access to the object. The instrument is feasible for concrete inspection for searching conduct ducts, conduits, detection of foreign inclusions, holes, honeycombing, cracks and other defects inside the concrete objects and to assess the condition of reinforcement in concrete. Due to tomographic data processing the more informative imaging of structure is provided.

Ultrasonic tomograph A1040 MIRA is assigned to inspect concrete structures, ferroconcrete and stone with one side access in order to determine the integrity of the material in the structure, search of foreign insertions, cavities, not grouted areas, exfoliations and cracks, and also measuring the thickness of the inspected object. It is possible to test thicknesses up to 2 meters.


  • Visualization of the inner structure of the object of inspection with on side access;
  • High efficiency – reconstruction of one tomogram takes 3 seconds;
  • Easy to use;
  • High precision and sensitivity of the device to different reflectors;
  • There is no need to prepare the surface of the tested object;
  • Wear-resistant transducer tips.


  • Independent work with data without an external computer;
  • Dry acoustic contact;
  • Adaptation of the antenna to roughness of the structure surface;
  • Automatic measuring the ultrasound wave spreading speed in the object of inspection;
  • 3D representation of the inner structure of the object and B-, C-, D- tomograms of any cross-section of the object;
  • Possibility to use the tomograph in hand control and also in automated installations.


  • Size: 380x130x140 mm;
  • Weight (with battery): 4.5 kg;
  • Display: TFT LCD COLOR;
  • Display Pixels: 640×480 pixels;
  • Display Diagonal: 14.4 mm (5.7”);
  • Number of channels: 12;
  • Number of transducers: 48;
  • Nominal frequency of the transducers: 50 kHz;
  • Bandwidth by the level -6 dB in the emission/receiving mode: 25-85 kHz;
  • Operation type of waves: shear wave;
  • Low Battery Warning: yes;
  • Probe Connection: internal connection;
  • Type of battery: Li-Ion battery or external power supply 15V 4.3A;
  • Battery Operation Time: 12 hours;
  • Battery Operation Voltage Range: 9.3 – 12.6 volts;
  • Battery Operation Current Range: 0.5 – 0.7 amps;
  • Operation Temperature Range: -10 … +50 °C.


  • Guaranteed Minimum and Maximum Measurable Thickness in concrete: 50 – 600 mm;
  • Maximum depth of inspection in concrete: 2500 mm;
  • Minimal size of detected reflector: sphere with a diameter of 30 mm at a depth of 400 mm in concrete grade M400;
  • Range of Velocity Setting: 1000 – 4000 m/s;
  • Type of Sockets;
  • USB: Micro-USB.
  • Antenna array A1040 MIRA;
  • Net adaptor with cable;
  • Cable USB A-Micro B;
  • Operation manual;
  • Transportation case.


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