Novatest was born from a team of professionals and experts from over 15 years working in civil ed Industrial engineering, particularly in the field of NDT.
We help professionals to achieve competitive performance, acquiring and preparation methods to achieve their goals by providing knowledge, skill, experience, ability and method of synthesis.

The continuous renewal of the proposed solutions and the special attention to the real needs of our customers, allow us to operate successfully with methodology, expertise and without delay in the following areas:

Research and Development

The careful selection of materials and components, the attention and special care in the assembly process, in addition to the constant improvement of existing products and the development of new technologies allow us to differentiate ourselves in terms of quality, reliability and continuity.

Production and Distribution

We design, produce and promote, through national and international partners, tools and accessories for Surveying, monitoring and diagnosis of concrete structures, masonry.  and Industrial processes


We organize courses for the qualification of technical staff responsible for the NDT structures; Training “technical specialist” in the methodologies currently in use in accordance with the laws in force; Training courses on the proper use of instrumentation for the optimization of data processed.


An efficient customer service in the design of the test, in the implementation of the instrumentation, execution and processing of acquired data makes Novatest one of the major companies currently operating in the market.

Our ethical standards

  • The principle of moral legitimacy
  • Fairness and equality
  • Protection of persons
  • Diligence
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • Impartiality
  • Environmental protection
  • Health care

Certification ISO 9001:2008

Quality system.

The certification was issued by RINA, which adheres to the Italian Accreditation Company ACCREDIA regarding the certification of management systems of quality, environment, health and safety in the workplace.
Certified activities include design, assembly, marketing and service of instruments for measurement, monitoring and diagnostics and Non Destructive Testing in the civil construction’s field.
The purpose of certification is to develop, implement and improve the efficiency of the quality management system, in order to increase the satisfaction of all customers.
All staff Novatest is involved in the Quality Policy and any business process is continuously monitored.
The decisive factor for the quality system is the selection of our suppliers and then the continuous control over the quality of raw materials and components.
Of fundamental importance for the achievement of quality is the contribution from our customers, because any reason for dissatisfaction by a customer is analyzed by management in order to find and eliminate the cause. This phase is very important for the continuous improvement of the quality system.

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