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New S500 RTK GNSS Stonex Receiver

Minimum investment, high performance and extreme simplicity

Compared to traditional GPS, the new Stonex S500 GNSS receiver stands out for its compact design and low weight, suitable for all survey and data collection applications using Android, Windows 10 and Windows Mobile mobile devices. 

S500 is a versatile GNSS receiver that tracks GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, SBAS constellations and is able to offer exact accuracies both for GIS users and for topographic precision surveys.
Stonex S500 is equipped with SIM slots and integrated 4G modems, uses real-time RTK differential corrections to achieve centimeter accuracy. S500 also uses a fast Position Rate that allows it to be used even on vehicles. In compliance with IP67, S500 is suitable to be used even in the most extreme conditions of the survey.
Precision agriculture, mapping, GIS data collection, territorial and forestry agencies are only some of the many different fields of use where the Stonex S500 receiver allows a marked increase in productivity in precision data collection with the possibility of using existing mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with operating systems Android, IOS, Windows and Windows Mobile.

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